SMD5630 และ SMD2835

LED Chip SMD5630 & SMD2835Two

SMD5630 and SMD2835 two kinds of SMD LED nearly two years before the rise, are being widely used in the lighting industry.

SMD 5630 LED is a package specification, power is 0.5W, Size 5.6 * 3.0 * 0.9. This with high brightness, uniform illumination, light attenuation, long life, low power consumption, good heat dissipation, high luminous efficiency, static strength, reliability and safety and other characteristics. Mainly used in LED lighting products (such as LED bulb, LED downlight, LED tube, LED panel lights, LED rope lighting, LED christmas light, LED neon light, LED rainbow tube etc.).

The current high-quality high lumens SMD5630 led used for bulb, compared to other led, both light efficiency and brightness have advantages, especially the brightness, as the highest brightness 1W or less, can be achieved 60LM each led; Now use has expanded into SMD Flexible LED Strip and led light bar areas, this is led strip in order to meet customers’ increasingly high brightness area requirements, with SMD5630 LED strip lighting production is characterized by its high cost, can be decorative lighting lighting over the application.

SMD2835 is a medium-power SMD LED super bright LEDs (with 0.2W and 0.5W), Power: 0.1W, Voltage :2.8-3 .6 V between current 30mA/60mA, 2835 white / warm white (2700-6500K) : 11-12 lumens luminous flux in lumens to 20-22. 2835 is the second patch upgrades after SMD3014, the overall performance better, more competitive. SMD2835 and SMD3528 circuit board is the same, easy to replace; including brightness, heat dissipation are more than SMD3528. This led is being gradually applied in (the led industry has been producing fluorescent bulb, panel lights,SMD Flexible LED Strip and other lighting manufacturers as the main choice of objects). Currently using SMD2835 led on the market seem fancier, more special, more attractive and competitive in the constantly strengthened.

specificatio led chip 2835

Above SMD2835’s advantages, but because it has just launched soon, so there are still some drawbacks. Although small in size, but the arrangement is too dense heat problem is particularly emergence, because single brightness is too high, arranged in a little sloppy and not very uniform illumination, led every two before dark areas will be obvious that if used to make lights, It is small, relatively condenser, single brightness and high led rope lighting because no shade, look it will look very dazzling. Generally can be used for home decor, such as: living room ceiling cove, den bookcases, wine cooler trim, washroom mirror front lamps. Outdoor landscape lighting, advertising signs decoration, shopping malls counters, jewelry counters and other applications.